Jockey Box ownership

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(John Spicer)
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Jockey Box ownership

I mentioned to Chad after October's meeting that I have thoroughly cleaned and installed new hoses in the club's jockey box. I tested it out last Saturday and everything seems to be running fine. I corrected a flow issue on tap #6 as well.

I was thinking that it might be a good thing to have someone in the club take "ownership" of the jockey box, as far as creating a schedule for who needs it when and observing it for general issues after each usage. Perhaps even coming up with a cleaning "kit" to help those who use the box keep it clean and in running order.

Having just spent a good portion of last week fixing it up, I would be willing to volunteer for this.

(Kevin Nowaczyk)
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I've always encouraged everyone to do whatever they want to help the club out; and this is a perfect example. I have one of these keg cleaners and it works well. If you would like to use it in the future let me know.

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