FALL 2016 Malt order form HERE!

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(Harck Pickett)
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FALL 2016 Malt order form HERE!

Here it is, folks! Greg Leimer @ Lexington Beerworks is kind enough to once again help to facilitate the BOCK Bulk malt order!

For those of you who are new to BOCK, each spring and fall, the club works with Lexington Beerworks to get a great price on full bags of malt. BOCK pays for the shipping and handling on the Malt purchase, and you get a great deal!

The malt will be delivered to Lexington Beerworks, and we will set a pickup date once the delivery date is firmed up.

If you are interested, check prices in the drop-downs and fill out an order form at this link.

We will do a last call as soon as we get close to filling a pallet with 2000#, or before the Iron Mash....whichever comes first.

Once again, you can review the order form here ---- http://bit.ly/2bRqJdL

If you have questions, please let me know!


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