2nd Annual Big Brew Day

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(Dirk Franzen)
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2nd Annual Big Brew Day

Hey Bockers,
The 2nd Annual Big Brew Day will be held again at my house, Derby Day, Saturday May 5. We had a great time last year, but it would be great to have more people brew. To that end, if you have something in mind for the Bluegrass Cup that needs to be fresh and doesn't take too long, that would be a good time to brew it.

Also, we're considering having an optional competition. You don't have to enter it to brew that day; you can just brew for fun, or not brew and just hang out. It would be an informal, non-BJCP event. You can brew anything you want, with any ingredients. The only requirement would be that it has to be brewed on site that day.

I'm trying to gauge the interest. You don't have to commit to anything at this time, but if you think you'd be interested, please let me know. If there's enough interest, then the details will be worked out and posted. I'll put something up on the forum as well.


(Clay Bunn)
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2nd Annual Big Brew Day

Hey Dirk, sounds fun! I'll plan on brewing something.

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