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(Kevin Nowaczyk)
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BOCK Test Site

Hey guys,
I've installed the latest version of drupal on my server and I've been putzing around with it. You can see it at
I have one user account set up
Username: bockbrew
Password: see email or ask Kevin

If you would like to play around with it, go ahead. I've only spent an hour or so familiarizing myself with the software and installing some add-on modules (events calendar, forum). I haven't really modified the theme beyond changing the logo and color palette.

It looks like this is the list of things I (or anyone else who would like to play around) need to figure out to mimic the existing site:

  • reduce clutter by displaying the calendar block only when the events list page is open. or place clendar in the main content area of the events page node.Done
  • Enable a second sidebar on the front page. Display recent forum posts and upcoming events.
  • Make the front page static to prevent all events and news stories from displaying automatically Done
  • Set up a tab to the events list page Done
  • change sidebar gifs to pngs with transparencyDone
  • create an image for the forum sidebar linkDone
  • adjust header so it doesn't interfere with contentDone
  • Create a login link which is displayed only when views by anonymous users. Place it in the header area. When clicking on the members link, display the member list page.Done


  • Display member lists. (Make 2 blocks using views, one that lists user and one that lists all contact info. Create a node and assign one block to the content are when visited by anonymous visitors and the other to authenticated users)Done
  • Make it so only an admin can create new usersDone
  • associate additional member data to the user and display it in the member listDone-can use Profile2 module or drupal core accout settings
  • Make certain user data fields read only.Done-using field_permissions module


  • Enable Emily to upload her pdf meeting notes to the site
  • Photo GalleryDone
  • Cyberbrau Integration

I'll create a forum posting with this email. Feel free to add your thoughts there.

(Scott Hand)
Ok. I made my own account as

Ok. I made my own account as an admin. Won't do any site editing with it. I guess I will need to go through some old conversations about what I was looking for originally in a site and post some of that. I don't really care that it mimic the old site, this is an opportunity to start from scratch and make something that can be a real, frequently accessed resource for the club. Not just disseminating info, but also communication. I'd like to see it replace the listserv and encourage members to take the opportunity to share more stuff, pictures, recipes, whatever. The big issue that hung up the previous work was that drupal's forums still suck and this is why we were moving to joomla.

(Kevin Nowaczyk)
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Forum Issues

I've never used Drupal forums, nor have I used Joomla's. I have phpBB installed on this server, but I've read the bridge between drupal and phpBB is flaky at times, especially after a version of either one comes out. I also just installed the "Advanced Forums" module for drupal which adds more features to the drupal native forums. Let me know what specific features you want in the forum and this advanced module might do it.

(Jeff Lehmkuhler)

UK has switched to using drupal for many of its webpages. I am being forced to learn it here soon, but if you run into anything that you can't figure out, let me know and I'll visit with the IT folks and see if I can get you an answer. I like the looks and applaud your efforts.

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